Jeffrey Sherman

Jeff Sherman

Carnivore Radio was created and hosted by Jeffrey Sherman on terrestrial radio. Jeff has over fifteen years of corporate and technology experience in addition to being a professor of business and economics at Southern Connecticut State University. Jeff brings to the show a conservative yet open minded prospective to the show by probing guests from all sides in an effort to shed new light on topics and explore opportunities for listeners to explore issues from multiple prospective. Prior to Carnivore Radio, Jeff hosted The Business Buzz, which became Carnivore Radio as the content covered a wider range of topics including politics, economics, and current events.

Eric Lopkin

Eric Lopkin

Eric brings a knowledge of politics, economics and business to the show. Eric’s unique ability comes from his years of experience as a reporter and his background in strategic business consulting. Eric is the founder of The Modern Observer Group where he manages a team of coaches and consultants with diverse specialties, ranging from marketing and communication to economics and management that enables businesses of all sizes and disciplines to achieve success. Eric also serves on the board of directors of the CT Humane Society.

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